Winning games is an important part of the journey that every athlete embarks on.  But what happens off the field is ultimately what every coach hopes young people excel at.  We are proud to announce that our 37 girls have a combined 3.775 cumulative gpa.  We are very impressed and happy that our girls are performing in the classroom.  There is no doubt that there is a correlation between their success in the classroom and the success we are seeing on the field.

We also have quite a few girls that are sporting 4.0 gpa’s. The following girls are yet to see anything but A’s on their report cards:

Seniors:  Kat Markham
Juniors:  Abby Hall, Anne Peterson, Taya Tobler
Sophomores:  Kelsey Hunzeker, Grace Nelson
Freshman:  Whitney Carlson, Sage Hopkins

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