Academic wrap up 2016

Winning games is an important part of the journey that every athlete embarks on.  But what happens off the field is ultimately what every coach hopes young people excel at.  We are proud to announce that our 38 girls have a combined 3.737 cumulative gpa! Just shy of last years 3.775 gpa.  We are very impressed and happy that our girls are performing in the classroom.  There is no doubt that there is a correlation between their success in the classroom and the success we are seeing on the field.


This team is anchored academically by our two Academic All-State nominees Abby Hall and Anne Petersen.aas They are the 3rd and 4th soccer recipients of the award in school history. Both seniors currently have seen nothing but A’s on every report card. They will represent Syracuse High School at halftime of the UHSAA 5A State Championship game to receive their recognition. This the first time Syracuse Soccer has had multiple girls receive the award in one year and the first time we have had multiple girls receive the award in back to back years (Kat Markham – 2015).

There are currently 10 Juniors and Sophomores who hold 4.0’s. In 5A, it is the unwritten requirement to becoming Academic All State.

Class Breakdown of Cumulative GPA’s

Seniors – 3.59

Juniors – 3.77

Sophs – 3.85

Frosh – TBD

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