Tryout Reminders!

The goals are up and the season is here! We can’t believe how fast the offseason has gone by. The girls have been giving an exceptional effort in the weight room, on the track and on the field for the last year now and we are excited for team selection to begin.

We hope you have been following our social media (facebookinstagram & twitter), and will continue to follow our girls as they battle out the 2017 season.

A few reminders about tryouts

  • All freshmen to senior players are welcome to try out and play high school, whether you have been coming to conditioning or not don’t hesitate to sign up and come try out to be a part of the Titan Tradition.
  • Seniors and Juniors tryout at 8 am , Sophomores and Freshman tryout at 11 am. First selection is Monday, second Tuesday and final cuts will be a combined tryout Wednesday if necessary.
  • Many of the athletes have received their numbers at weight training, if you have not please come early to tryouts to get your number from Coach Allen
  • Parents this is a closed tryout, drop your daughter off and enjoy doing something at home! Also if your daughter does not make the team it is not appropriate to hunt down the coaching staff’s phone numbers and convince them to put your daughter on the team.
  • You are required to register before tryouts in two places 1) put your information on this google document & that will be your tryout number. 2) you must complete the registration checklist on as well before trying out.
  • Girls don’t forget to bring water, wear a white tee shirt, your numbers safety pinned to your tee, bring your cleats and running shoes. Don’t forget there will be timed runs all three days of tryouts.

See you Monday! If you have any questions or concerns please contact Coach Allen by email @ (notice the 2 a’s).

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