Academic wrap up, new record!

One of the areas that is an emphasis on any high school sports team is academics. As student athletes one of the more difficult areas to mange is keeping up with with school  work while also competing every day of the week in a high school varsity sport.

Not only did the Titans have a record breaking performance on the field but in the classroom as well. As a team they carried a cumulative GPA of 3.781. The highest cumulative GPA on record! Just a tad higher than the 2015 squad that carried a 3.775 GPA.

Our Sophomore class led the way this year carrying a 3.812 GPA, barely squeaking above the Junior class. Currently on the team there are 9 girls that hold a 4.0 cumulative GPA. (including 3 Juniors). The unwritten requirement to be academic all-state your senior year.

Breakdown of GPA’s by class
Seniors – 3.718
Juniors – 3.8
Sophomores – 3.812
Freshman – 3.765

GPA by year (since 2015)
2015 – 3.775 gpa – 1 Academic All-Stater, Kat Markham
2016 – 3.737 gpa – 2 Academic All-Staters, Abby Hall & Kat Markham
2017 – 3.781 gpa – No Academic All-State
2018 – Who’s next ?

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