2018 Summer Conditioning

Once again the season is just around the corner. As part of the Syracuse Soccer program we are strong believers in a rigorous off season training program. Every day that we meet we will be power lifting in the weight room headed up by Coach Brown, followed by an intense cardio session led by Coach Petersen.

There are many reasons for our belief in the summer training program we run at Syracuse, obviously the physical benefits as a person and an athlete are clear. Listed are the other reasons we believe in the program.

  • It creates comradery, for a few hours every day you get to work hard with your future teammates. Hard work towards a common purpose creates an inseparable bond.
  • All continuous successful high school programs of any sport hit the weight room hard.
  • Weight lifting minimizes injury, in the three years since we have implemented our power lifting program those athletes that have taken full advantage of the training have never had a serious season ending injury.
  • We believe this (power lifting) is also one of the areas that cannot be addressed by club coaches/programs. We support club play and want you playing club, instead of increasing the amount of soccer playing, we differentiate to make you a better athlete.
  • We believe in becoming physically strong for the rigorous high school season but also becoming mentally strong, those athletes that buy into power lifting and hard conditioning are mentally seasoned to face the grind of a 6 day a week high school season.
  • Every year I have former high school players that return to say hi, every athlete tells the staff they are grateful they learned good technique in power lifting, which is required in their college soccer program!

While it is not required that you attend it is highly encouraged. Your tryout status will not be determined based off of your attendance in summer conditioning. What it will be is a great opportunity to interact and learn from the coaching staff three days a week

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and prove to them your individual work ethic and commitment to the program. We want you to be playing in summer tournaments and doing other activities like family vacations, girls camp etc., we also want you committed to this program. It is expected that you communicate your absences with Coach Allen before hand. (By email taallen@dsdmail.net [notice the 2 a’s] or through the remind app, (instructions in the tryout meeting recap post) Communicating and advocating for yourself is a life skill many high school students need to improve on and is an expectation with Syracuse girls soccer.

Attached below are all the conditioning dates. Many of the girls have been lifting hard in class since last June. For those that have been in the 4th period class you get a few weeks off to rest and recover. If you were not in the 4th period class, we expect you at the sessions on June 5th and 6th (wednesday). There Coach Brown will introduce power lifting to those that have never done it before and help you with your technique and get the freshmen from last season back into the groove.

Every day plan on meeting before 9 am outside the West weight room doors (near the indoor track/weight room doors on the second level). Wear workout clothes/shoes every day. Please also bring water, your cleats and a ball in case we plan on doing ball work that day. Coach Porter and Winget will still run weightlifting sessions the third week of June for all the girls that are not attending the team camp this summer.

We understand many newcomers have never spent ample time in the weight room. Many athletes have never been in a weight room and feel comfortable very quickly, don’t hesitate to join us. For returning players this is your time to shine and work as hard as possible to prepare for the start of August.

June: 5th, 6th (Intro/for all girls not in 4th period), 11th, 12th, 14th, 18th, 19th, 21st, 25th, 26th and 28th.

July: 1st – 8th (Moratorium) 9th, 10th, 12th, 16th, 17th, 19th, 23rd, 25th (a wednesday), 26th

*Remember all weightlifting dates/times can be found on the team calendar found on the top menu of the website and is the easiest way to quickly access team dates/times

Remind App: To receive summer remind app group updates/instructions from Coach Allen please text the code @a8ka4c to the number 81010. You can also safely communicate with Coach Allen through this app.

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