Snow College Team Camp Info/Schedule

We are thrilled with the number of girls that have committed to play at team camp this year! Also, after what a great week back of lifting. The program continues to get better. A few items of information for the girls that are coming to camp next week.

  • Pay $20 to the main office asap. If you have not paid you need to have them put the receipt in my box or bring it to me on the bus monday am. I have record of about 1/2 the girls that have paid. Please get it done.
  • A sack lunch for monday. All meals will be provided starting with monday night dinner but you will want something to eat that afternoon before we go play.
  • Bring snacks and food/drink for night time. We play soccer games after dinner most nights and the girls are usually very hungry. There is a fridge and freezer in each dorm. We will do a team pizza and ice cream night provided by Coach Allen but you may want extra food at night.
  • Bring Ice Trays for your water jugs to use and refill throughout the week. Bring two or three depending how much ice you plan on using.
  • Bring bedding for the week (sheets/pillow/blanket/sleeping bag/teddy bear), whatever you need to be comfortable. There will be 6 girls to a dorm, 3 bedrooms and 3 bath per dorm. Snow college provides beds w/ mattresses but you are responsible for the rest.
  • A soccer ball and soccer gear for lots and lots of soccer. Plan for ways to keep your feet dry next week. (multiple pairs of socks, powder for your cleats at night)
  • We will wear our practice tees from last year as game jerseys (if you were not on the team last year a dark gray, navy and pink tee will work great). If you don’t have those don’t stress we can wear pinnies as a team for the games as well.
  • Bring a scooter to ride to and from the dorms to the games. The bus will drop us off and not return until friday am. Its a scooter or your feet. Do not go buy one, borrow one from friends or neighbors for the week. There are more out there than you realize.
  • Any other clothing or toiletries that you will need to survive the week.
  • We will finalize your dorm mates (6 per dorm), and 3 v. 3 teams on the bus ride to camp.
  • A reminder that starting at camp or playing for the A, B, or C team is no indication of making the team or starting this fall. It is simply camp. A great opportunity to play soccer, have fun, create new cheers, bond and laugh a lot. This is an opportunity that we have quickly bought into as something that helps our program immensely. It will be a great experience!


Monday June 18th – Depart SHS @ 9:15 am, please meet outside the Titan Nation gym doors at 9 am. We will have an undercarriage storage on the bus and another vehicle to take items to camp.

Friday June 22nd – Arrive @ SHS 11 am or a bit earlier.

Last you are a representative of Syracuse High School, Syracuse Girls Soccer, your teammates, your coaches, your community and most importantly your family and yourself. Don’t do anything or bring anything that would lose the trust that we have in you and get you sent home. As always contact Coach Allen through the remind app or by email with any questions or concerns. Now lets go have fun!

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