Boys Soccer Meeting Recap

Below is a recap of the boys soccer meeting. We loved seeing the great numbers at the meeting and the excitement for the culture change in the program! The change should be reflected in every aspect of your involvement in the program.  #allin

We expect you to be all in at conditioning (see below)
We expect you to be all in with your attitude, no negativity and no dissension
We expect you to be all in with your work ethic, be the hardest worker in the room and on the field every time
We expect you to be all in with fundraising, it takes lots of money to run a successful high school program. Be committed to your fundraising efforts
We expect you to be all in with off season, you should already be playing club soccer at a high level and we expect you to fully help run the kids camp this coming summer, attend the boys soccer camp at Snow College and participate in fall training with Coach Allen.

It is required that all boys wanting to try out for the boys soccer team get into 8th period team conditioning with Coach Allen, Brown and Knight. This will be critical to our winter conditioning as this is where we will power lift and run 2 – 3x a week.

There are many reasons for our belief in the winter training program we run at Syracuse, obviously the physical benefits as a person and an athlete are clear. Listed are the other reasons we believe in the program.

  • It creates camaraderie, for a few hours every day you get to work hard with your future teammates. Hard work towards a common purpose creates an inseparable bond.
  • All continuous successful high school programs of any sport hit the weight room hard.
  • Weight lifting minimizes injury. Soccer players especially must use their muscles and body in different ways than just playing soccer.
  • We believe this (power lifting) is also one of the areas that cannot be addressed by club coaches/programs. We support club play and want you playing club, instead of increasing the amount of soccer playing, we differentiate to make you a better athlete.
  • We believe in becoming physically strong for the rigorous high school season but also becoming mentally strong, those athletes that buy into power lifting and hard conditioning are mentally seasoned to face the grind of a 6 day a week high school season.
  • Every year I have former high school players that return to say hi, every athlete tells the staff they are grateful they learned good technique in power lifting, which is required in their college soccer program!

For those that cannot be in the class (i.e. West Point Jr. 9th graders) plan on meeting 40 minutes early for conditioning to lift with Coach Allen.

Conditioning will begin the first week of January. Tentatively we will plan on every Monday at 6. If you need to weight lift come at 5:20 to the weight room. Plan on running and playing futsal every Monday. Bring your indoors, running shoes and water.

TRY OUTS – meet on the soccer field unless inclement weather – moved to gym

Feb 25th – 3 pm So/Fr; 5 pm Sr/Jr (1st cuts posted that night)

Feb 26th – 3 pm all grades 5k run; 4 pm Combined (2nd cuts posted that night)

Feb 27th – Combined time tbd/if necessary (final cuts posted that night)

  • Every player will be required to bring/wear their tryout # (provided by Coach Allen @ lifting/conditioning), soccer cleats, shin guards, running/indoor shoes, wear a white t-shirt, & water.
  • There will be a timed run as part of the requirement for try outs. Both Sprints and Distance (Required 5k in 21 minutes – fitness club).
  • This is a closed tryout no parents are allowed to come watch, even from 500 yards away.
  • If you are serious about being on the team, take it seriously. #ALLIN
  • See required registration tryout info on the attached flier.

remindLast please go follow all of our social media for updates on the program (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Also sign up for the remind app (instructions to the right). This is how we can communicate with each other and you can get announcements from Coach Allen.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Coach Allen by email at (notice the 2 a’s) or see him in his classroom, Room 2009 or message him through the Remind App.

Fall Meeting Boys Soccer 2018 2019

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