Ben Whitesides

Ben W PictureCoach Whitesides is a local guy and grew up in South Ogden. He grew up playing competitive soccer until high school (then he got lazy). He graduated from Bonneville High School, and Weber State University, with a  double major in Criminal Justice and Spanish. After working 7 years in the Juvenile Justice System, Coach Whitesides earned his Master’s degree in School Counseling and was fortunate enough to get a counseling job at West Point Junior High (2 years). Coach Whitesides currently works at Syracuse High as a school counselor.

Interesting fact about Coach Whitesides is that he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 8 years old, however, he has not let it slow him down and loves to be as active as he can. If you see him eating Swedish Fish on the sideline, now you’ll know why.

Coach Whitesides still has a passion for soccer, and continues to play indoor soccer in the “old man” league. He enjoys ping pong, running and has completed spartan races, and several half and full marathons. Coach Whitesides is grateful for the chance to help out where he can with the SHS Girls soccer team and is excited to see how well the team can do.